CCTV Camera systems


We supply two types of camera systems.

IP Cameras:

IP camera systems are more expensive than analog systems, but come with many advantages such as:

  • Wireless connectivity, IP systems can be linked wirelessly to the recording device, enabling much more flexible setups (cameras on the other side of your farm, anyone?).
  • Flexible expansion, IP cameras don't have a set limit on the number of cameras that can connect to a DVR, like analog systems do. You can add more cameras any time with minimum cost and effort.
  • Network convergance, these systems work on the same cables and equipment as computers, so if you already have an existing network, it can save cost on cabling and infrastructure. Alternatively, the camera network can be used to connect computers to the network easily! The way of the future.
  • Advanced notification systems can be set up on each camera, to enable things like getting an email sent to you when your camera detects motion 1m or higher above the ground between 11PM and 5AM only. The system is very intelligent and has loads of options.
  • On-camera recording is a great feature for when you are worried that your central recording device might get destroyed or stolen in a robbery or something similiar. Each IP camera can store recording data on the camera itself, which will be safe from such events.
  • In addition, these systems have all the features of analog cameras, as listed below.
  • (Almost) Unlimited storage upgrade options, for when you want to keep 200 cameras' recordings for 5 years.

Analog Cameras:

Analog cameras are a more basic type of system, and are cheaper, but still have many features.

  • Infrared night vision is a very handy feature, depending on the model of the camera, you can see clearly in pitch black darkness up to 50m!
  • PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras are very handy for covering a large area by moving all the time on programmable paths. They can also be controlled from anywhere with a smartphone or computer.
  • Storage can be upgraded to keep recordings for as long as you need.
  • Motion detection es enabled on the DVR, so you can set up your cameras to record on motion detection only.
  • Audio can be an important part of your security needs, and some of our cameras can record audio with the video feed.