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We offer the highset quality wireless internet in the area.

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Wireless Internet


What we supply:

We are a registered wireless internet service provider, supplying fast, affordable internet to customers in Middelburg and surrounding areas.

Why us?

  • We supply you with a completely unthrottled internet experience, you have an open line to the internet to do with as you see fit, no limits.
  • Your support is just a phone call away, you contact us directly, no call center to slow down support queries.
  • No fine print that slows down your connection as you download more, we are completely uncapped.

How does it work?

You contact us and book a convenient time for installation. We will then come to your premises and install the wireless equipment to connect you to our network. We will set up your network to connect to our internet, (we can supply you wireless and network equipment too if you need it!) and then you're away with your new fast Wi-Fi!

How do I book an installation?

You can find our contact information here, or fill in this form to drop us an e-mail, and we will get back to you.

When will I be online?

When our installation technicians leave your premises, you will be online. No waiting!

What does it cost?

For a summary of our packages and installation fee, you can contact us for details about other packages or a personalized option.  Our upload speeds are up to 5meg per second, if more is needed then a special package can be arranged.

JND PC and Peripherals is a proud member of WAPA (Wireless Access Providers' Association), a non-profit industry representative body, acting as a collective voice for independant wireless operators in South Africa.
As a WAPA member, we subscribe to their Code of Conduct.
Communications Network / Communication Service License: 0023/CECNS/FEB/10, 0023/CECS/FEB/10
Reg no.: 0780/926/69/7

We are also fully POPIA compliant!
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